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Why choose us?

Good question!

Instore Radio is backed and operated by people that have (and continue!) to work in all aspects of audio, radio and technology for a long time.

Our talent pool covers every single aspect of radio; engineering, production, presenters and voiceover artists, all in house and ready to work on your project.

Having this type of expertise in house means you do not have to wait for adverts to be written, produced, scheduled or delivered to your playout system and we always have someone ready to help you with any aspect of your Instore Radio station. Your Instore Radio system could be setup in hours!

Custom solutions for all clients.
We operate our own servers.
24/7 system monitoring.
24/7 email and telephone support.
Dedicated Customer Relationship Manager.
Custom, proprietary hardware and software soutions.
In-house production, voiceovers, engineering departments.

We have our own technical department and we have designed our own range of hardware and software solutions to be able to offer you a custom solution and bring the costs down even further. Unlike many other ‘larger’ companies offering a similar service, we are happy to offer a very cost-effective service passing on many of the price reductions we are able to make directly to you.

Remember, we do not rely on ‘off the shelf’ products and services, we’ve made our own products and services specifically for Instore Radio customers.

You business is unique and therefore you will require a unique service. Your Instore Radio will be unique to your business.

Oh, and we’re passionate about service too! We monitor all our services around the clock so you don’t have to.

So, if you just have one small store and want to play your own choice of music with a few adverts or a large national or international client with hundreds of stores nationwide, we have the right product for you at the right price.

Contact us here and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements. You can also download our brouchure here.