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What is Instore Radio?

question-markInstore Radio systems let you create your own tailor made radio station to be played in your venue. You pick the music and the announcements that are made on it and decide when they are played.

It takes the stress out of deciding what music to play (no more radio stations playing what they want, no more CD’s skipping) and allows you to place tailor made, specific adverts on your stores PA system.

There are many different versions of Instore Radio, all of which can be tailor made you suit your specific requirements.

From a sophisticated system with timed announcements, localised adverts updated on a daily basis and specific music playlists for different times of the day for large nation-wide chain outlets to a small looped playout system for a small shop or venue. There really is no limit to what our playout systems can do.

We can arrange for live or recorded presenters to host on your station or just have background music playing all day with occasional announcements.

We can help shopping centres monetise their PA systems by reselling advertising space to their clients along with timed opening/closing times for the shopping centre, car parks and seasonal announcements and offers.

Please feel free to download our brochure here or to discuss your exact requirements, please use our contact us form here.