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Our Products

Here at Instore Radio we operate our own servers and have created a number of our own proprietary software and hardware to enable us to best serve your needs. Whether you need an Instore Radio for just one small store or for a whole chain of venues, we have the right services and products for you.

We can offer you the following products:

ASB1 – Audio Streaming Box Standard – Our standalone hardware product that we have developed to cut the cost of Instore Radio systems.
ASB2 – Audio Streaming Box Pro – Our standalone hardware hardware solution for Instore Radio systems allowing opt-outs for local/regional adverts to be played.
Media Server – Audio and Video file distribution via our own dedicated servers.
Audio Streaming – Audio streaming for Instore Radio systems including backup solutions.

Radio Player Software – Developed totally in-house by our technical team, designed to run an ‘always-on’ audio solution for Instore Radio and other solutions.
Silence Detector – As used on our Audio Streaming Box Pro, detects audio silences and takes executive decisions and sends out alerts by email and SMS.