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Patrick Lunt

PL casualPatrick’s voice is heard on trains, and boats, and planes, on radio and television, on the telephone, in shops, museums, and theme parks, and at open air events.

He was a newsreader and programme presenter on BBC Radio 2 for almost 30 years.

He narrated the documentary series “Extreme Machines” and “Raging Planet” on television; he was the “voice of the nominations” at the Laurence Olivier Awards for many years; and he had his own (bilingual) radio show at the TT races on Isle of Man. He has voiced dozens of commercials on TV and radio, as well as being the voiceover on hundreds of corporate videos and training programmes. These days, he is often in demand as the “voice of God” at industry Awards ceremonies.

When he is not working in his studio, he loves nothing more than a “blast” round the country roads of Buckinghamshire on his large motorbike!

Listen to Patrick:

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