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Audio Streaming

imagesWe provide both live and on-demand streaming for most broadcast formats (Windows Media, Shoutcast, Real Player, etc…).

Whether you need a one-off event covering or permanent live feeds for your radio or online station, we can get you up and running in no time. Stream live audio or use our on-demand servers for your content.

We also offer an automated transcoding service where we can take a copy of your file/format and make it available on our on-demand server in any format you require.

Why not use our streaming server as a backup relay for your existing server or add extra capacity to your existing stream?

Our pricing is based on a ‘maximum concurrent listener’ base, meaning you pay for the maximum amount of listeners you want to be able to listen to your stream at any one stream, with a minimum of 10 listeners. The monthly cost is then based on the bandwidth (quality) of the stream that you decide to use.

Below is an example of some of the most popular Shoutcast packages we offer, but again, we offer a custom solution for our clients, so please let us know exactly what you want. If you would like a custom quote from us, please use this form.

Source Bitrate
10 slots
20 slots
50 slots
100 slots
200 slots £50 £60 £70 £80

If the package you require isn’t listed above, please remember that we offer custom solutions for our customers.

– Please note, these prices are monthly.
– You will be billed per calendar month for the amount show.
– There is a minimum of one month contract.
– No refund will be given for any remainders of months if cancelled half way through the month.
– After payment is received you will be sent your server details with login details, etc…
– Orders are processed manually within 24 hours.