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Here we will try and answer some of your most common questions. If you do not find the answer to your question, please do contact us and we’ll answer your query.

Q) How do I get started?
A) Contact us, let us know what you need. From there, we can advise you on the best system.

Q) How much will it cost?
A) As per above, first we need to know exactly what you need, then we can get you our best price.

Q) Can I control what is played?
A) Absolutely! Every package gets its own control panel where you upload your music and adverts and you control how and when they are played.

Q) When I sign up, what do I get?
A) It depends on your package. If you want us to do all the work, all you get is our contact details and we’ll do all the work for you! If you want total control of your playout suite, then you get your own server login, FTP access details to upload your own music and adverts. It really depends on what package you have selected.

Q) How long will my contract be?
A) There is no minimum term, however we would of course like to keep you as a client as long as possible and will do our best to make sure that we have a long relationship.

Q) I only have one store, is there a product or me?
A) Yes! Instore Radio can cost as little as £35/$50/€40 per month! For this you get to choose your own music and as many adverts you wish to play.

Q) What hardware do I need to buy?
A) This depends on what you already have in your stores. We make an assumption that you already have a PA system (speakers, etc…) in your existing venue. If required, we can supply you with equipment. When you contact us, one of the things we will ask you is ‘What equipment you already have?’.

Q) Exactly ‘How does it work’?
A) When you sign up, depending on the package you select, we setup a basic playlist of music with the choice of music you instruct us to play (by genre). We then record your adverts (or you send us your own ready made) and we place them on the play out system. This generates an audio feed. This audio feed is then sent to your venue/venues and is received either by your own equipment (computer, laptop, etc…) or by one of our own in-house developed audio player available from only £99/$150/€115. This device receives the audio feed sent from the playout system and plugs directly into your existing PA system in the store. That’s it!

Q) What are the requirements in my store?
A) Electricity, Broadband and an existing PA system. That’s it!

Q) Can I use your Audio Streaming Box with a different system from another provider?
A) Yes. Our boxes are compatible with ANY MP3 and AAC+ format. As there are designed to work primarily with our own system, they do connect to our servers before streaming therefore a small directory charge (redirection to your streaming provider) is made per unit. This cost is £2/$3/€2.50 per month per unit. You may like to contact us for more information.

Q) Is the demo on your site live?
A) Yes! it is a live working demo of how our system works.

Q) What if the broadband goes down at my store?
A) Our system works via the Internet so if your store suffered a loss of Internet connection, then unfortunately the system would stop working. However… Our new EXCLUSIVE ASB2 (Audio Streaming Box Pro) will detect a loss of Internet and will start playing music that is stored on the device itself. So even if your store loses broadband, music and adverts will continue to play until your broadband comes back up!

Q) What if YOUR broadband goes down??
A) Our system is monitored on a 24/7 basis. If there is a problem, we’ll know about it and have it rectified pretty quick! If you do have a problem that you suspect is related to our service, then you can log a Support Ticket. We work round the clock, so it will get answered quickly. Some of out higher end packages have backup systems so it is unlikely that there will be any downtime. Our Audio Streaming Boxes are programmed to connect up to 2 different audio servers and the switch is instantaneous.

Q) Will you record my adverts?
A) Yes! Depending on your package, these may be included in the monthly charge or setup fee. If not, then we will charge you accordingly to make up, record and place the adverts on our system. The cost of this depends on the duration of the advert, how many adverts, etc…

Q) Do I need a license to play music in my store?
A) Probably, yes. Depending which country you live in, you will have to contact the right department that handles public music licenses.

Q) Can you sort out my audio license for me?
A) Unfortunately, no. Depending which country you live in, you will have to contact the right department that handles public music licenses in your own country.

Q) What happens if I have a problem?
A) We are passionate about customer satisfaction here at Instore Radio. If you are even slightly dissatisfied about any aspect of the service, we want to know about it and promise to do everything we can to sort out any problem you have, no matter how big or small. You can contact us via email at info@instore-radio.com, you can use the Contact Us page, if you are a client you should have your client details (if not, ask us for them), with these details you can log a support ticket via your Client Area and finally, if your package includes telephone support, you have our 24/7 support telephone number which you can use should you have an urgent problem where you’ll get through to a human!